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Delmedigo, Yosef Shelomoh

Description: Greek rabbi

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Gnd Gnd Identifier gnd-persons
Birth Date 1591 gnd-persons
Birth Location Heraklion gnd-persons
Birth Location U R I 261745 geo-enriched
Birth Year 1591 date-enriched
Death Date
  • 1655
  • 1657
Death Location Prag gnd-persons
Death Location U R I 3067696 geo-enriched
Occupation gnd-persons
is Represents of 1002975 ep
22 Rdf Syntax Ns Type Person gnd-persons
Owl Same As 16 gnd-persons
is Owl Same As of 1002975 ep
Core Alt Label 24
  • Del Medico, Joseph S.
  • Del Mēdigō, Jōsēf S.
  • DelMedico, Joseph S.
  • DelMēdigō, Jōsēf S.
  • Delmedigo, Joseph Shelom…
  • Delmedigo, Joseph Solomon
  • Delmedigo, Joseph Solomo…
  • Delmedigo, Yosef Shelomo…
  • Delmedigo, Yôsēf Š.
  • Delmedigo, Yôsēf Šelomo
  • Delmedigos, Josef Schelo…
  • Delmedigos, Joseph Salom…
  • Delmédigo, Joseph Salomon
  • Joseph Salomo del Medigo
  • Joseph Salomon Delmédigo
  • Joseph Solomon Rofe
  • Jōsēf Šĕlōmōh del Medigo…
  • Mēdigō, Jōsēf S. del
  • Yashar
  • Yašaʺr miq-Qandyā
  • Yosef Shelomoh Delmedigo
  • Yosef Šelomo del Medigo
  • Yosef, mi-Kandiyah
  • Yôsēf Šĕlōmō del Medigo
Core Pref Label Delmedigo, Yosef Shelomoh gnd-persons
Dataset Picture

License: Public domain
Creator: engraved by W. Delff after a painting by C. Duyster