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Werfel, Franz

Description: Austrian-Bohemian novelist, playwright and poet (1890-1945)

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Gnd Gnd Identifier 118631373 gnd-persons
Birth Date 1890 gnd-persons
Birth Location Prag gnd-persons
Birth Year 1890 date-enriched
Death Date 1945 gnd-persons
Death Location Beverly Hills, Calif. gnd-persons
is Represents of 1000003 ep
22 Rdf Syntax Ns Type Person gnd-persons
Owl Same As 17 gnd-persons
is Owl Same As of 1000003 ep
Core Alt Label 18
  • Berphel, Frants
  • Verfel', F.
  • Verfel, Franc
  • Verfel, Franc'
  • Verfelis, Francas
  • Verfelis, Francis
  • Verfels, Francis
  • Verfelʹ, Franc
  • Verfelʹ, Franč
  • Veruferu, Furantsu
  • Ṿerfel, Frants
  • Werfel, Franc
  • Werfel, Franciszek
  • Werfel, Franṣ
  • Werfel, Frantz
  • Werfel, Franz V.
  • Wīrfil, Firānz
  • ורפל, פרנץ
Core Pref Label Werfel, Franz gnd-persons
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License: Public domain
Creator: Carl Van Vechten