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Eissenhardt, Johannes Kaspar

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Gnd Gnd Identifier 116436921 gnd-persons
Birth Date 1824 gnd-persons
Birth Location Frankfurt am Main gnd-persons
Birth Year 1824 date-enriched
Death Date 1896 gnd-persons
Death Location Frankfurt am Main gnd-persons
is Represents of 1023396 ep
22 Rdf Syntax Ns Type Person gnd-persons
Owl Same As 10 gnd-persons
is Owl Same As of 1023396 ep
Core Alt Label
  • Eisenhardt, Johannes Cas…
  • Eissenhardt, J.
  • Eissenhardt, Johann
  • Eissenhardt, Johann *LCC…
  • Eissenhardt, Johannes
  • Ejzengardt, Iogann-Kaspar
Core Pref Label Eissenhardt, Johannes Kaspar gnd-persons
Dataset Picture